Frequently Asked Questions

Get To Know More About ABiTCrowd

ABiT Crowd is the first blockchain-powered property and asset crowdfunding platform. We're dedicated to helping people with little capital and interest in owning real estate assets and properties all over the world get started by coming together to co-invest and co-own without going through all the legal troubles and experience needed in sourcing and closing real estate deals.

It simply means that the total cost is divided into small slots for you to be able to pay for a portion of the total price of a property. So, for instance, let's say 20 people crowdfund to own land, they all share in the profit.

Of course, they are. We have our quality surveyors search out properties in top-selling cities and our lawyers ensure that these properties are legally certified.

The risk is seriously minimized. We follow due diligence before buying the lands. We make careful research before any purchase of land. Our legal advisors and Real Estate surveyors ensure that no stone is left unturned in ensuring that each landed property is risk-free. Again, the cost of a property is broken down to the minimum cost so that investors can pick as many slots as they can fund.

We focus on buying lands from strategic areas all over the country and the world at large. These lands are carefully sourced for and purchased. The aim is that our investors make maximum profits.

You could be investing with anybody. However, our investors' identity are well protected. However, all parties have agreed to collaborate in real estate investment under the terms and conditions that will be stated in the agreement. This land will be jointly owned by each investor and managed by Abit.

After maturity period of one year ABiTCrowd sells the land at 50% value appreciation. Profit is shared at a ratio of 90% investors according to slots bought and 10% ABiTCrowd

From the point when the house is fully funded to 1year, ABiTCrowd looks for tenant to rent the house. Proceeds from the rent is shared at a percent of 90% investors and 10% ABiTCrowd yearly for 5years. After 5years ABiTCrowd then sells the house for 50% value appreaciation and shares the profit 90% investors and 10% ABiTCrowd.

Yes, three months after stake is bought you can sell it and pull out just by clicking sell stake. Your stake is pushed to the market where an aspiring investor will buy and pay to you directly. ABiTCrowd only serves as escrow to avoid fraud during the transaction

We have our in-house real estate agents working round the clock to ensure that our properties sell fast. We also have a record of selling out properties, timely, and we are confident in our record.

The number of years before a property can be resold is stated clearly for investors to make decisions before investing. This means the number of years all investors must agree to keep the property for price appreciation before resell and the money realised is shared among the Investors.